Personal recollections from world war two veterans and civilians.


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  • Escaping the train to AuschwitzEscaping the train to Auschwitz
    By Althea Williams and Sarah Ehrlich
    BBC News
    read the amazing story here
  • Kazimierz Piechowski Escape from Auschwitz
    A true story. Kazimierz Piechowski is one of just 144 prisoners to have broken out of the notorious Nazi camp and survive.
    one of the survivors tells his story
  • Missing warplane found in Canadian Lake
    The wreackage of Avro Anson was found in lake Cowinchan after having been missing more than 70 years.
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  • Keep them Rolling weekend
    Veel voertuigen uit de tweede wereldoorlog zijn dit weekend te zien in st. Isidorushoeve. meer info...
  • Remains of 134 WWII soldiers repatriated to Japan
    19 march 2013
    Six family members of Japanese World War II soldiers were in Indonesia on Monday, along with representatives from each nation’s government, in order to receive the remains of their kin that died in battle from a village in the easternmost province of Papua. Residents of the village gave them some 9,000 bone fragments of 134 Japanese soldiers who, until now, were never repatriated.
    Source: japandailypress
  • 2500 WWII grenades found in Dutch farm field.
    5 march 2013 German high-explosive grenades from the Second World War where found in a pasture in Gilze this Tuesday. The grenades where probably dumped their. They were discovered in the soil after the owner of the land found five grenades on the surface. The grenades where most likely for a Flak battery in the area.The shells are packed into boxes and temporarily stored in the bunker complex near Gilze-Rijen where they will be distroyed soon.
  • Another body of a British soldier from WWII found in Holland
    18 october 2012 The body of a British soldier from WW2 was found today in a field grave north of the village Bemmel in the Netherlands. The body was by chance during maintenance work while digging a canal.
    The soldier probably belonged to the 50th Northumbrian Infantry Division. And was probably killed in the aftermath of operation Market Garden.
    The body has been transported to Soesterberg for identification.
    It is the second body of a British ww2 soldier that has been found in the past weeks. Last month the body of a British airborne soldier was found at Ginkel Heath near Arnhem.
    Source: NOS
  • Secret hideout from WWII found in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.
    12 october 2012
    In a framing factory a secret hide-out was found that has been used during world war two by people that where hiding from the nazi's. The owner of the building had died earlier this year. When his family cleared the furniture from the building they found that they could move one of the walls. After stripping away the wallpaper they found a keyhole. Behind the door there was a build-in bed and some old newspapers, sheets and a coat. The discovery was done by Coby van der Haring. He knew his parent had hid people during the war but he had never known the location of the hiding place.
    Source: Telegraaf
  • German World War II artillery found in Russian mountains
    16 september 2012
    Police in a mountainous region of southern Russia have found five German World War II-era artillery guns along with ammunition for them.
    The guns - 76-millimeter cannon - are in good condition, according to police in Kalbardino-Balkaria Republic, the location of Mount Elbrus, the tallest mountain in Europe.
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  • Photo: Dutch Ministry of Defense German WWII warplane found in The Netherlands (IJsselmeer)
    A Messerschmitt BF-109 was recovered from the water last week.
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  • Lost Lancaster crew identified after 68 years by wireless operator's wedding ring
    1 october 2012
    The wreckage of a missing RAF Lancaster bomber shot down 68 years ago on D-Day has been identified by a British historian from the inscription on a crew member's gold ring. ...
    Read the full article here (source: the telegraph)
  • Bodies of 26 WWII soldiers found
    28 september 2012
    The remains of 26 soldiers who died in World War II, were found in the Rostov region in the south of Russia.
    The names of three of the soldiers have been determined one had is name engraved on a medallion and another had an inscription on a personal spoon. ...
    Read the full article here (source: the voice of Russia)
  • A Polish girl's journey across three continents
    16 september 2012
    When Soviet troops marched into Poland on 17 September 1939, it was the beginning of an extraordinary journey for schoolgirl Danuta Maczka. ...
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  • D-Day veteran Marion Gray, 92, receives France's Knight of the Legion of Honor award @ La Chatelaine in Upper Arlington
    2 March 2012
    The first Franklin County man wounded in battle on D-Day was Sgt. Marion Charles Gray.
    The Colombus Dispatch (local newspaper) reported it after the June 6, 1944, Normandy landings. Gray's left arm and right leg were hit with shrapnel when he finished dragging a hurt soldier onto Omaha Beach.
    Gray's arm was paralyzed. He was evacuated to a hospital in England when the smoke cleared.
    "The government said he could go home," said Linda Neth, 64, Gray's daughter, who jumps in and tells the heroic parts because sometimes her father doesn't...
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  • Hal Shook, a St. Paul's parishioner and World War II veteran, received the French Legion of Honor Medal
    2 March 2012
    Harold Shook of Cary, right, who flew 105 combat missions during the World War II...
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  • "Only the tank Commander knows what's going on."
    8 February 2012
    WW2 vet recalls his time as Sherman Tank gunner with the 8th:
    Newly arrived Sherman tankers soon realized they were out-gunned by the heavy German panzers. "Their shells ripped right through us," Barber said. "Ours just bounced off the panzers. We had to use our superior speed to out-flank them and target their weak spots, the sides and rear."...
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  • WW2 monument stolen in Mariënberg.
    A bronze statue of a woman and child commemorating world war two in Mariënberg has been stolen from it socket last weekend. The statues have been broken from the socket. At the base of the monument there are the eight names of the local resistance fighters who lost their lives during the German occupation.
    1 March 2012 The monument Photos of the socket after the theft
  • New footpath in the Netherlands from Amsterdam to Westerbork commemorating the Holocaust. Opening on 27 January 2012
    21 January 2012
  • Tuskegee airman buried in Arlington on day his remarkable story as a WWII fighter is played out in movie theaters across USA
    21 January 2012
  • French Consulate Honors 25 WWII Veterans in South Florida
    18 januari 2012
  • US diving crew finds wreck of British submarine used in Second World War
    12 January 2012


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