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Aviodome Dutch Aviation museum

The Aviodome Dutch air museum has gone bankrupt. They are now waiting for someone to take it over. It would be a shame if this aviation collection would disappear from the Netherlands. The museum has an interesting collection with several WW1 and WW2 aircrafts.

UPDATE: March 2012 - Good news: The museum has been taken over by a new owner. The collection will remain intact.

Replica of the Fokker tri-dekker flown by baron fon Richterhoffen in WW1.

Original Junkers Ju-52 transportaircraft of the German luftwaffe. During the invasion in Holland on May 10 1940 German paratroopers where dropped from these aircrafts and they where also used to carry german troops to captured airfields. A lot of these aircrafts where shot down by Dutch anti-aircraft guns. This one made an emergency landing on the beach at the Dutch coast. It got stuck before it could take-off again.

A Dakota (C-47) from the Dutch Airways KLM as they where before ww2.

A Beechcraft in the colors of the USAAF from WW2.

The Supermarine Spitfire in the colors of the Dutch fighter squadron that was part of the RAF in WW2. The aircraft is a glasfiber replica.

The cockpit of a WW2 Allied aircraft in the museum Aviodome in Lelystad, the Netherlands.

Rebuild old dutch airfield as it was before ww2.

Several dakota's in a large display in front of the rebuild dutch airfield like it was before ww2. The orange color was introduced when one of the planes came under fire as a mistake.

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